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Fold-up Shelf Upper Mount Kit Nv Stnd&high Roof

$ 93.65

Westcan Manufacturing’s aluminum fold-up shelving is designed to give you the instant flexibility you need to be productive. Whether you need to carry boxes, envelops or bulk cargo, Westcan Manufacturing’s fold up shelving is just what you need to change on the fly. One handed operation makes it easy to fold the shelves up out of the way or down and ready to carry your precious cargo. Each shelf can carry up to 250lbs of pay load! Fold up shelving upper mounting brackets can be purchased separately when building your specific fold up shelving unit. Depending on level of trim on your vehicle, modifications may be required.

Weight 5.0 lbs
Box Dimensions 85 × 5 × 2 in
Install Time .3 Hour(s)


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MakeModelRoof HeightModel YearLengthDepthHeight
NissanNV1500Standard Roof2012+841-7/84-1/4
NissanNV2500High Roof2012+841-7/84-1/4
NissanNV2500Standard Roof2012+841-7/84-1/4
NissanNV3500High Roof2012+841-7/84-1/4
NissanNV3500Standard Roof2012+841-7/84-1/4