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Valid Until December 31, 2022

Westcan Manufacturing Ltd. offers a limited warranty on all items manufactured to be free from defects and workmanship for a period of 3 years. This can not be transferred to another vehicle. All warranty claims require the original invoice to the end user from their approved Westcan Dealer. All installations performed by unauthorized installers or end users will only be available for one year of warranty.

Failure to comply with the installation procedures provided by Westcan will result in a loss of warranty.

Westcan Manufacturing Ltd. offers a limited warranty on supplement products categorized as but not limited to handles, latches, and closure assemblies, locks, hinges, drawer and door guides, cables, fasteners, and shocks. These products are warrantied for 1 year from the date of purchase. This warranty provided is for the replacement of the failed product only and does not include the labor required to execute a replacement or repair of any defective product. Aluminum has a gradual dulling in appearance of the surface of the finished product. This is a natural occurring process found in both anodized and mill finish aluminum products and is not covered by warranty.

Any product that fails at any time as the direct result of a vehicle accident, willful, misuse, vandalism or product that has been altered from its intended use by any party is not covered by warranty.

All warranty claims require a copy of the original invoice.