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In-shelf 2 Drawer Unit 22″L X 14″D X 12″H

$ 840.64

Need more out of your shelving? Add in-shelf drawer units. These drawer units are designed to fit your divider shelving perfectly. There are many different height and width combinations to choose from. These units can also be used without shelving and have the same benefits as our standard drawer units such as individual locking drawers, 100lb capacity, aluminum drawer dividers, drawer liners and as always our drawer units are glove friendly. Westcan’s in-shelf drawer units come complete with all necessary mounting and installation hardware to adapt to Westcan’s divider shelving units. Depending on level of trim on your vehicle, modifications may be required.

Weight 41 lbs
Box Dimensions 25 × 13 × 15 in
Install Time 0.3 Hour(s)


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